stickers for Punjabi Wordle

📅 december 15, 2022


In February of 2022,Punjabi Wordlewent live. At some point I thought about making stickers to celebrate - I finally got around to it this month. Here are two pictures:

a black sticker affixed to a laptop a white sticker held out in front of a tree

Like the online game, the stickers come in light and dark mode. The Wordle grid shows a plausible game with real words. At the bottom right, the text "punjabi wordle" rounds the corner.

choosing the words

I had a few requirements:

Finding reasonable guess-words was a little tricky. They needed to match the vowel pattern of ਪੰਜਾਬੀ. I tried a small program to find possible options. There weren't many, so I pickedਸੰਸਾਰੀandਬੰਧਾਨੀ.

making the design

I don't know much about graphic design. I thought about creating the grid background from scratch in Photoshop or Gimp, but knew it'd take me a while. Since this was just for fun, I tried something hacky. I served a local version of the game and forced the answer to be ਪੰਜਾਬੀ. Then I played as usual with my chosen guesses. Lastly, I zoomed in and took a screenshot. I repeated this process in dark mode and light mode. This approach has drawbacks - a screenshot is not vector artwork. But I figured it might work for my purposes.

Once I had the basic grid down, I wanted to add "Punjabi Wordle" somewhere in English. I kept it simple again and added some text annotations using Preview. There were a few ideas:

several adjacent sticker designs, all with different 'punjabi wordle' text placement

I picked my favorite from the options above and also sent it to a few friends for advice. We agreed on the last rounded-corner option.

printing the stickers

I spent some time researching printing options. There are many online services that accept an image file and send you a pack of physical stickers. I ended up picking Die Cut Stickers because they're also based in the Pacific Northwest. I sent over my image files, got a quote, and received the stickers soon afterwards! For me they turned out well, especially given screenshots and Preview.

sending the stickers

I didn't have time to send the stickers right away. Around December of 2022, I posted about them on social media. I like sending end-of-year letters, so it lined up well. Including a written postcard alongside the sticker also helped guard against warping or bending. After some assembling, I dropped them off at the post office. Here's a picture:

several colorful letters with stamps

So far stickers have made it to friends in California, New York, and Canada as well! It was fun to see things come together.

Thanks for reading! You can find other posts and contact infohere.